Social casino game market worth $1.6bn, doubled since 2010

CasinoMap courtesy of SuperData

Yesterday, analyst firm SuperData released a report stating that the worldwide social casino game market will be worth $1.6bn in 2012, and projects it to grow to $2.4bn by 2015. This shows that not only is there a sizable market for casino games in the social space, but that it should continue to grow rapidly as more players look online to play casino-style games.

Powering this quickly growing market is monetization 1.8x times greater than current social game monetization. The average paying player spends $78 on a social casino game, versus $43 for the average paying social game player. And keep in mind that the social game industry has had almost 5 years to perfect their game’s monetization strategy, while social casino games are still relatively new.

The largest market is the US ($660m), followed by Europe ($446m), Asia ($311m), Latin America ($180.7m), and Australia, which is worth $59.8m by itself.


SocialCasinoAudience courtesy of SuperData

The most interesting statistic in the report was that the US has 35.4m social casino game players in 2012, up 100% from 2010. This shows not only strong interest in casino games among Americans, but can also serve as a proxy of what the gambling audience might look like. US players cannot play online gambling games, so naturally they fell back on similar experiences that used virtual currency.

Online gambling was illegal on a Federal level in the US until the Justice Department issued a reinterpretation of the Wire Act on December 25th, 2011, opening the door for states to legislate their own gambling laws. As states legalize real-money gambling in the United States, the $1.6bn social casino game market could start to look more like the $35bn real-money gambling market.

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