How is it legal?

Betable is doing something unique in a highly regulated industry, so we often get asked this question. Our lawyers and our investors are completely behind Betable and our revolutionary platform model.  While we do work with most of the best gambling industry lawyers in the world, and we are attempting to give everyone a straightforward answer to this question, what is written below should not be read as a formal legal document.

Developer Platform
In compliance with UKGC regulations, Betable’s servers are located in the UK. Betable handles all of the gambling and gambling related functions of a developers game. Neither developers nor their games ever touch any gambling or gambling related activity. As a result, all gambling and betting occurs in the UK, under UK legal jurisdiction. And since all gambling and betting activity is hosted and operated by Betable, developers who build games on Betable’s platform don’t require their own licenses. Since developers are not involved in any gambling activity, developers located anywhere in the world, including the US, can use Betable’s platform.

Player Restrictions
Betable only allows players in legal online gambling jurisdictions to play Betable games for real money. Betable blocks users who are prohibited from making real-money wagers, including underage players, at risk players, players who cannot be identified, and players using anonymous proxies. To do so, we use various state-of-the-art methods, including but not limited to identity verification, age verification, geolocation checks and IP checks. For players not able to play for real money, Betable supports virtual currency play, which is legal in all countries.

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