A Comprehensive List of Game Developer Communities

Game developers are a unique breed, and therefore often face unique challenges that only their peers can help them with. For these reasons and more, game devs frequently get together on the web in forums and online communities. We wanted to share our top 10 game developer communities with you, to help you find great communities you may have missed or introduce you to ones more specific to your platform. Enjoy!

Reddit Communities
/r/Androiddev – Android game developers
/r/Gamedev – Game developers of all types
/r/GameDevClassifieds – A board for posting gamedev-related jobs and team building
/r/IndieGaming – A mix of indie game developers and indie game fans

Game Developer Forums
GameDev.net – Largest game developer forum on the web.
IndieGamer.com – A great forum for indie devs interested in game design, development, and business.
DevMaster.net – A great resource for those on the development and engineering side.
GameMaker Forums – Focused on Game Maker program, but lots of great discussions on game design as well.
The Indie Game Source Forums – Another great forum for indie devs interested in game design, development, and business.

iPhone Dev Forums
Apple DevForums – You have to include the official Apple forums. Note: must be an approved Apple App Developer to join.
iPhoneDevSDK – The largest iPhone developer forum, with business and development focused sections. Game developers frequently post here.
iPhoneDevForums – iPhone development focused, with some gaming elements.
iDevGames – Mac and iOS game developer community

Android Dev Forums
XDA Developers – Massive forum with over 2 million registered accounts. All things Android development, including games
AndDev.org – Developer focused Android forums, some game development
AndroidForums – Android developer community of forums within the Phandroid community

Flash Developer Forums 
ActionScript – For those focused on the Development side of Flash games
FlashDevils – Another forum for those focused on the Development side of Flash games
FlashGameLicense – For those interested in licensing their Flash game or getting business-side advice

LinkedIn Groups
Android Developer Group – Not as games focused as other Android communities, but a good resource with lots of activity.
Flash Developers Group – This group has more of a game focus than other general developer groups on LinkedIn
Game Developers – The largest and most active game developer group on LinkedIn.
HTML5 Games – Small but passionate group of HTML5 game developers.
iOS Developers Group – One of the big iOS developer groups on LinkedIn.
iPhone, Android, iPad, Tablet & Mobile Application Development – An iOS focused development group that also has a fair amount of game developer activity.
Social Game Developers – Active, focused community of social game developers.

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